Monday, December 17, 2012

Make It Monday!!! -No Sew Burlap Tree Skirt

So the other night after my kids went to bed I got ambitious...I started cleaning up my craft corner (which had gotten wildly out of control while preparing for craft4life)....THEN my giant roll of Burlap started calling my name. I had pinned several burlap tree skirts over the last year and had wanted to make one for our second tree BUT our internet was down so I couldn't look up any tutorials. I figured it couldn't be that hard AND the road runner guy wasn't coming until Monday so I was going to wing it! (He came today and apparently a squirrel had chewed through the wires and they were full of water.) So....anyway....Internet is back and here I am sharing my Burlap adventure.


I cut out a circle the size i wanted my tree skirt.
I cut into the middle of it (you can see the cut in the top middle of the pic.)
I then cut a circle in the middle for the stump of the tree.
You will notice I didn't bother ironing because I knew it would be covered! (an i detest ironing)

I drew a free hand circle with a sharpie about 5-6 inches in from the outside edge to act as a guide to where I was going to start gluing the burlap on!

I then cut strips of burlap about 8-10 inches wide. I hot glued about 2 inches onto my sharpie line and then folded it over on itself just a 1/2 inch to create a pleat. Then i glued down a little more and created my next pleat! I continued all the way around the tree skirt.

After the first circle I did my next layer (overlapping it over the first layer so the glued edge was covered)

This is it with 2 layers...I was about to start layer 3! (I ended up doing 4 layers BUT my last layer strips were only 4-5 inches wide and you can see that in the picture below)

Now I used my scissors to create a hole for the Twine to go through to tie it in place under the tree! I made 3 holes down the slit...You can see the ties in the next picture...

I cut 1 foot of twine, put it through the holes and Ba Bam....I love it! 

It took about an hour while I watched a Christmas Hallmark movie and it was worth every minute!!!

Here it is under the tree!

Ta da!

Now this week I have big plans to make Fabric Lined Burlap stockings!!! We will see what time allows and if i like them i may share!!!


CadenceK said...

I wanted a burlap skirt, and this was the prettiest and easiest tutorial I've found! Thanks!

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